China Bouquet – The Art of Chinese Characters

Date: 2017-05-12 | Time:00:03:57 | Source: 艺术中国 China Bouquet > China Bouquet – The Art of Chinese Characters


In the process of globalization, there are more and more Chinese written characters appearing outside China. Even if you do not understand what these characters mean, you still can be fascinated by Chinese culture within the symbols.

No wonder people say: each Chinese written character makes a world. These pictographic characters show Han people's (the largest ethnic group of Chinese nation) spirit, keep their memories and hope.

Not only the Chinese written characters record the history of the nation, they present the way of their thinking. Each stroke carries the key to unlock the mystery of Chinese written characters.

No matter how much progress Chinese characters have made over the past thousands of years, one thing never change: the combination of a component(s) plus a radical to make a character.

6000 years ago, written characters appeared in different parts of the world. But most of them have lost in history. Only Chinese characters, which are still dynamic after several thousand years of use, still function as cultural symbols for people to trace, comprehend and to enjoy.

After several thousand years of evolution, Chinese characters are more than just written characters for communication purpose or a form of traditional art as we enjoy in calligraphy. Instead, they have become a new visual resource. They are new blood in dynamic Chinese civilization, and a new eye-catching image of contemporary art. We can proudly say they have already injected vigor and vitality into world culture nowadays.