Lorenzo Rudolf

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Lorenzo Rudolf

Lorenzo Rudolf

Born: May 20, 1959

Bern, Switzerland

Nationality: Swiss

Marital status: married 3 children

Education: study of the lawsinternational PR

Lives and works in: Lugano, SwitzerlandSingapore, Singapore

Languages: German, English,French, Italian,Spanish


Professional career: PR manager at TELEKURS in Zurich (Switzerland) from 1988-1991 - financial information service worldwide

Director of Art Basel (Switzerland) from 1991-2000, who - created the successful new concept of the fair and made the fair to the quality label of international art market: focus on quality, yearly selection of the exhibitors (first art fair with such a concept) - initiated and developed its global expansion (1991: fair had to acquire new exhibitors; 2000: fair had a waiting list of more than 700 galleries) and made it to the world event it is today

- developed the fair from a trade show to a top cultural and social event (first art fair with such a positioning) - initiated and created new platforms for the integration of new formats: Art Statements with one-man-shows of emerging artists, Art Unlimited with big special projects, etc. (first art fair with such museum like platforms), - initiated and built up the VIP program (first art fair with VIP cards, a VIP lounge, a VIP treatment and a VIP program) - initiated and built up sponsoring and strategic partnerships with other industries, e.g. UBS (first art fair with such an extension) - invented and created Art Basel Miami Beach which rapidly became

the most important art fair in America

Director of the Frankfurt Book fair (Germany) from 2000-2003, the worldwide most important event of the global publishing industry (with over 7’000 exhibitors from more than 110 countries and over 11’000 accredited journalists), who - developed the fair from a book fair to a communication event - organized (German) book events and presentations all over the world - guest countries under his direction: Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Russia - initiated the dialogue with China (with the minister of culture at this time) regarding a huge special presentation of China as guest country of the fair

Vice President of IFAE (International Fine Art Expositions, USA) from 2003-2005, who - created and developed Palm Beach! (the most prestigious and most exclusive fine art & antique fair in America)

Independent consultant - for IFAE (see above) from 2005-2006 - for Arte Fiera Bologna (the Italian art fair) from 2005-2008 Co-founder, Partner and Director of ShContemporary (Shanghai, China) from 2006-2008, who - co- created the event and made it the first internationally competitive con-

temporary art fair in Asia (2007, 2008)

Founder, co-owner and Director of Art Stage Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore) since 2009, who - created Art Stage Singapore, the new Asia Pacific art fair, and made it the

first curated, project oriented contemporary art fair in Asia (January 2011) - created and curated Collectors’ Stage, a never seen before blockbuster

exhibition, presenting outstanding masterpieces by Asia’s leading contem-porary artists, all works selected from leading (Asian) private collections

(January 2011, at Singapore Art Museum)

Contemporary art consultant of the State of Singapore (Singapore), since 2010, who - advises the State of Singapore in their planning to build up Singapore as

a leading hub for contemporary art in Asia (incl. art district, new museums,artists in residence program, etc.)


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