Zhu Liangzhi

2018-04-23 | | 艺术中国

Zhu Liangzhi, born in 1955, is from Chuzhou, Anhui. He is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, a tutor of doctoral students, an adjunct professor at Zhejiang University, and a senior researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His academic expertise includes Chinese ancient aesthetics and Chinese art concept, and he is good at studying Chinese art issues from a philosophical point of view.

Mr. Zhu Liangzhi graduated from Anhui Normal University in 1982 and taught there after graduation. In 1993, he was unconventionally promoted to a professor. He was the dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Anhui Normal University. After 2000, he was appointed professor of the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, and from 2000 to 2007 he was the director of the Aesthetics Teaching and Research Office of the Department of Philosophy at Peking University. Now he is the director of the Research Center for Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education of Peking University.

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